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Al-iraqia for money transfer Co. and its branches declares providing swift service  system to implement the external transfers to everywhere in the world by the bank accounts of the providing and supplying companies enhanced with the invoices provided by the Iraqi business men .
To implement such transfers the documents we need :

If the sender is a company :

  • Commercial  invoice stamped from the supplying company
  • Establishment contract of the company
  • Incorporation certificate of the company
  • Minutes of meeting of the board of directors
  • Letters of authorization to general manager or an authorized person  with the amount of money to be transfer
  • General manager passport or the authorized person
  • The amount needed to be transferred should not exceed the amount stated in the invoice
  • The date of the invoice should not exceed 3 months since the issuing date of the invoice
  • The bank account of the supplying company

If the sender is a person :

  • The invoice
  • The sender’s passport
  • The bank account of the supplying company

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